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Bernd Rosemeyer (1909-1938) is certainly one of the greatest drivers ever to compete in Grands Prix. In two-and-a-half years from May 1935 until Octob...
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Bernd Rosemeyer (1909-1938) is certainly one of the greatest drivers ever to compete in Grands Prix. In two-and-a-half years from May 1935 until October 1937 he entered in 33 races, won 10 and came second six times. He always raced the ponderous and difficult rear-engined Auto Union conceived by Ferdinand Porsche, which enabled him to exceed 400 km/h during a record attempt on a public road closed to traffic.Tazio Nuvolari considered the German “my most formidable adversary”. Rosemeyer died in 1938 while trying to break a flying start one kilometre record, which his great rival Rudolf Caracciola had just established in a Mercedes-Benz.Cesare De Agostini is the author of this first biography in the Italian language on this legendary ace, about whom he offers a splendid, rounded portrait, bringing into focus the pleasant personality, carefree attitude and the irresistible ability to always compete at the fastest speed possible on every circuit whatever the weather conditions. The 11th title in the “Racing Lives” series, this book and its collection of exceptional pictures enables the reader to relive the life of one of the most extraordinary champions of all time, who is still admired today by an incredible number of enthusiasts.

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Binding Hardbound
Pages 216
Size cm. 26x26
Colour Pictures 50
B/W Pictures 190
Publishing Date 2009
Text Italian
Author De Agostini Cesare
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