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The volume reports the complete motorcycles’ production of the ex DDR. Lavishly illustrated with pictures in large format,
€30.00 €19.90


The now classic book series “The Cars that Made History” is enriched with another new title, this time devoted to the Fiat 850 coupé and roadster. Both cars made their debut at the 1965 Geneva Motor Show, where they created a great deal of public interest in their design: the coupé sober and essential, the roadster sporting and elegant, built at Carrozzeria Bertone to a Giorgetto Giugiaro design. The low prices the Turin manufacturer established made these mid-Sixties’ newcomers even more appealing. With a simple but rigorously accurate text and invaluable archive material, this book covers the industrial, technical and sports history of both models, series after series. It also offers a complete guide to restoring the coupé and roadster plus, naturally, a full list of all chassis numbers.
€29.80 €14.90


This extensively illustrated, all-colour book provides comprehensive reference for all scooter owners and enthusiasts. From traditional to sports, through big-wheel and Super, all aspects of buying, riding, maintaining and tuning a scooter are included. Whether a beginner or experienced rider, the reader will find all the information they need to get on the road and stay on the road safely. There are detailed sections on how a scooter works and how to keep it running, with extensive maintenance and trouble-shooting chapters.
€30.00 €20.00


This is the most complete book ever published on the golden age of the scooter.The first part, focuses on the 1910s and ‘20s a, a period in which this vehicle was little more than a child-like scooter with an engine and was offered as an alternative to the bicycle, with a motor attached to it. The second part covers the scooter of the ‘30s and ‘40s, when designs began to flesh out the definitive constructional layout of this innovative vehicle: small wheels, open chassis and body. Great progress was also made in the ‘50s and ‘60s, the golden age of the scooter, the book giving an overview of the second post war period and the importance of the scooter at that time as an individual means of transport.In addition, special attention has been paid to scooter production in the most important countries, especially the happenings in Italy, France, Germany Great Britain, the United States and Japan, whose more significant brands are exhaustively studied and richly illustrated.The book closes with “The Catalogue”, a broad, all-encompassing look at all the most significant models, sub-divided by nation, with illustrated specifications complete with technical data.A unique publication for scooter lovers and for all enthusiasts who have the “little wheels” in their heart.
€39.00 €19.90


A fascinating portrayal of the era, the machines and the events that shaped the birth of the modern scooter, via Piaggio’s innovative Vespa design, which burst onto the scene just after the Second World War. Well over 200 scooter marques are to be found within the pages of this book, which embraced not only all the famous Italian brand names, but also scooter from all around the globe.

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