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The 2017 championship is analysed by the authors of this classic official annual, first published with the purpose of informing the public of one of t...
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The 2017 championship is analysed by the authors of this classic official annual, first published with the purpose of informing the public of one of the most compelling and fascinating world championships. Among the new elements for this season is the starting grid of race two, which has been revolutionised in relation to the past, with the winner of the Saturday race obliged to start from ninth place. But the variation of the technical regulation is marginal, apart from the confirmation once more of the various other championships, which were tested over many seasons and reserved for the 1000 and 600 cc, the new entry of the small SuperSport 300 stands out. Apart from the authors telling the stories, there is the work of Fabrizio Porrozzi, one of the best photographers of the SBK World Championship.

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Author Gordon Ritchie
Author Porrozzi Federico
Author Porrozzi Fabrizio
Text Italian
Binding Softbound
Colour Pictures hundreds
Size cm. 24x27
Publishing Date 2017
Pages 176
ISBN 9788879116961
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This dynamic all-colour volume chronicles every rider and every motorcycle to have won a World Superbike race since the series began in 1988.
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The Italian rider Max Biaggi, already winner of the 2010 title, triumphed in the 2012 World Superbike Championship aboard the Italian Aprilia. Second and third places in the standings went to Tom Sykes aboard a Kawasaki and to Marco Melandri, in his second year in the SBK series, riding a BMW. Once again, this edition of the Superbike World Championship Official Book is intended as the reference volume for the world of production-derived” racers, the bikes that have for many years now represented the beating heart of motorcycle sport, combining fierce competition with high technology, without neglecting the close ties with road-going machinery. Race by race, the book describes the 2012 season, above all through the spectacular photos taken by Fabrizio Porrozzi, complemented by the ever-pertinent texts of his brother Claudio. As well as reporting on the major championship, the book also features chapters devoted to the other categories (Supersport, Superstock 1000, Superstock 600) completing the packed World Championship programme.
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