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No other automobile in history so clearly demarcates a before-and-after line in the sand like the 1955 Chevrolet. This was the birth of the affordable...
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No other automobile in history so clearly demarcates a before-and-after line in the sand like the 1955 Chevrolet. This was the birth of the affordable performance car, and from the moment the car hit the streets, the experience of driving would never be the same.

Chevrolet dominated the muscle-car scene throughout the classic era. The Impala SS, with its 409 engine popularized by the Beach Boys, ruled America's drag strips. The Z16 Chevelle Malibu SS396 became the every man's muscle car. The Camaro turned the pony car genre into genuine muscle cars. The LS6 engine was the most powerful of the classic era.

This book chronicles the all-conquering cars of this incredible 20-year period.

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Publishing Date 2017
Text English
Binding Hardbound
Pages 176
Colour Pictures 183
B/W Pictures 37
Size cm.24x28
ISBN 9780760352335
Author Mueller Mike
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