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Yet that was not all, for the Mini was also a truly global success. It was made in special versions for export to markets such as Canada, Japan and th...
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Yet that was not all, for the Mini was also a truly global success. It was made in special versions for export to markets such as Canada, Japan and the USA. It was constructed in almost every continent. Manufacturing operations around the world made their own special Minis, from unique South African Minis to plastic-bodied South American ones, and from special high-performance Australian variants to distinctly different Italian Innocenti Minis.

Then there were almost countless special editions, from ‘designer’ Minis like the Paul Smith to offbeat ones such as the Mr Bean. And it doesn’t end there, for coachbuilders like Wood & Pickett, Radford and Broadspeed took to the Mini like no other car, producing luxurious, modified and high-performance Minis for customers who sought individuality. When you add them all up there were over 340 official Mini variants and around 160 coachbuilt versions – an astonishing total of more than 500 different incarnations of the Mini. They are featured and described here, with over 750 illustrations.


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By the late 1960s the Beetle had enjoyed over twenty years of continuous production, dominated its home market and conquered export markets all around the world. Volkswagen’s policy of constant improvement and refinement to a single model appeared to be vindicated. However, 1968 saw the death of Heinz Nordoff, who was the driving force behind the Beetle’s evolution and continued success. In many ways, this was a watershed year; the 1968 model introduced many significant changes to the car, and it became inevitable that a replacement for the venerable Beetle would have to be developed. This book charts the closing years of the Beetle’s production life in Germany; from the revamped 1968 model to the 1302, 1303, the Cabriolet, and the various Specials produced later.


Some cars are able to leave their mark an era, their names written indelibly not only on the history of four-wheel transport, but also the much more significant trends and culture of their time. Among them are the Fiat 500 and the Volkswagen Beetle, but also the unforgettable Mini. The small, revolutionary car designed by Alex Issigonis and presented in 1959, was produced right through to the next millennium by a number of manufacturers (Austin, Morris, Innocenti) in so many different versions. This book tells the industrial, technical and sporting story – including the giant-killing Monte Carlo Rally victories – of this authentic milestone of the 20th century.
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