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TOURIST TROPHY - Vive chi rischia

By now, books on the Tourist Trophy written by Mario Donnini are a motorcycle racing must. In 2015, the journalist and writer will celebrate his 20th ...
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By now, books on the Tourist Trophy written by Mario Donnini are a motorcycle racing must. In 2015, the journalist and writer will celebrate his 20th year of reporting on the Isle of Man festival of speed, and there couldn’t be a better occasion on which to create a new book on the world’s oldest, most fascinating and dangerous two-wheel races. After Tourist Trophy. Muori o vivi davvero, we now publish his Tourist Trophy. Vive chi rischia, a book that goes together with the previous title, adding no fewer than 40 adrenaline-filled chapters packed with the stories, anecdotes, interviews, oddities and secrets that have emerged by living on the roadside and behind the scenes of one of the most exciting and best loved events in the motorcycling world. All the highest acclaimed combatants and most important episodes of recent years have found their place in this new book, created midway between the epic event and it’s history, to be relish as a compelling account of the festival, with a pinch of mystery and a taste for reading.

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Binding Hardbound
Pages 272
Size cm. 14x22
Photos 64 COL e B/N
Publishing Date 2015
Text Italian
Author Donnini Mario
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A complete profile of the famous Isle of Man TT race: from the drivers to the public, from the difficulties of the trace to the exciting atmosphere and more.


In the Fifties, many motorcycle manufacturers like Piaggio, MV Agusta and Morini joined famous brands in the marketplace such as Motor Guzzi and Gilera. Rumi earned itself a prominent position among the newcomers. From the moment its earliest bikes first appeared, the Italian factory distinguished itself for the refinement and quality of its machines. Rumi climbed to the absolute summit in the 125 category, with its Gobbetto, Scoiattolo and junior 125 touring and sports models as well as in racing, especially in regularity events. Riccardo Crippa, who promotes the Rumi Historic Register, recounts the long and detailed story of the manufacturer with the help of over 300 pictures in colour and black and white, technical drawings and a complete list of all the models, each fully described by an exhaustive technical specification.
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Many pages have been written about the evergreen Tazio Nuvolari and his legend. But until now there has been no book that looks specifically at the final years of the Flying Mantuan’s victorious and dramatic career. In 1947 and 1948, he was the undisputed king of the Mille Miglia, driving a Cisitalia and a Ferrari. By this time physically and morally tormented by the premature death of his two young sons, the old champion was still able to impose his unquestioned class on two memorable races. This riveting episode in the history of motor racing is told in a book by Mario Donnini, renowned motor racing journalist, who restored to its original splendour the bonnet lost by Nuvolari during the 1948 Mille Miglia after its successful recovery. This important reanimation was the pretext on the basis of which to tell of these epic deeds during those races through a thrilling text, numerous photographs and documents of the period.
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Following the Second World War, Italy was faced with the enormous challenge of reconstructing the nation’s social, political and economic fabric. One of the most remarkable success stories was seen in the field of miniature internal combustion engines to be fitted to bicycles or in dedicated frames. Low prices guaranteed their immediate success and Bologna played a full part in the phenomenon: Ducati, for example, launched the Cucciolo, one of the artificers of the “motorization” of the Italian people. However, there were no less than 49 Bologna-based firms active in that period, in many cases “shooting stars” soon destined to disappear. Among the motorcycle constructors were M.M. and C.M. which had a glorious history, while Moto Morini and F.B-Mondial achieved sporting success in Italy and abroad. Others such as Cimatti, Malaguti, Marzocchi, Testi and Verlicchi began to conquer a significant share of the market. Some of these marques are still successful on the global market today. This book presents 50 biographies of the Bologna-based manufacturers, with over 300 images, many previously unpublished, as well as a major section entitled “Collecting” with photographs and technical details of all the most important bikes of the time.
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