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Limited Reprint of 50 copies.
Manufacturer: Giorgio Nada Editore
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Limited Reprint of 50 copies.

Complete and exhaustive work on Italian “hot-bulb” engine tractors, born in 1921 and produced until 1959. The volume comes as a complete and detailed history of Italian hot-bulbs and their producers. Before the gallery of all models, the reader is presented with a technical preface featuring a glossary for an introductory approach to the topic. Colour pictures of restored units go with mostly unpublished sketches and brochures of the time.

Products specifications
Size cm. 21x28
Colour Pictures 250
B/W Pictures 108
Text Italian
Binding Softbound
Pages 180
Publishing Date 2018 Reprint
Author Dozza William
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After “Trattori Testacalda Italiani” or “Hot-headed Italian Tractors”, William Dozza offers “Classic Italian Tractors”, the first book to look at Italian agricultural tractor production in a systematic way, from their origins in around 1911 to the end of 1955. With the classification of the various models that made their appearance during that period, no less than 77 different manufacturers came to light. This book gives the main technical progression of these machines and the principal companies that made them. For each tractor presented in this publication, which is illustrated with rare vintage pictures and fascinating contemporary photography, the book offers technical characteristics, the number of vehicles built and their sale price in the marketplace of the period.

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