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This title offers advice to anyone seeking or owning any of these classic Italian cars for use on the road or in competitions. A huge variety of Itali...
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This title offers advice to anyone seeking or owning any of these classic Italian cars for use on the road or in competitions. A huge variety of Italian cars have one important thing in common - the famous Twin Cam engine designed by Aurelio Lampredi. The cars featured in this wide-ranging book include the following ranges, performance models and special designs: Fiat 124 Sport, Spider, Coupe, Volumex and Abarth Rally; 125; 131 Mirafiori, Abarth and Sport; Strada 105TC and Abarth 130TC; 132 and Argenta; Regata; Croma; Tipo; Tempra; X1/9 VX; Grama 2; Coupe; Stola Dedica and Monotipo.;Lancia: Beta Coupe, Spider, HPE, Volumex and Montecarlo; Delta; 037 Rally; Dedra; Delta Mk 2 HPE; Integrale; Thema; Stratos Replicas; Kappa; Magia.;Alfa Romeo: Q4; 164 Turbo; GTA Turbo.
Products specifications
Binding Hardbound
Pages 240
Size cm. 19x25
Colour Pictures 47
B/W Pictures 290
Publishing Date 2002
Text English
Author Long Brian
Author Ward Phil
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Brochure with the presentation of the model. In appendix technical characteristics.

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