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The full story of Vauxhall cars, covering models from 1903 up to 2016 production.
Manufacturer: Dove Publishing Ltd
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The full story of Vauxhall cars, covering models from 1903 up to 2016 production.

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Publishing Date 2017
Text English
Binding Hardbound
Pages 264
Photos 250 COL & B/W
Size cm. 21x21
Author Dymock Eric
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The definitive history of the Lancia Aurelia range, complete with in-depth technical descriptions, specially commissioned colour photography, rare archive pictures and advice on running these fine cars today.


The Lambretta was undoubtedly one of the most popular means of transport of the Fifties and Sixties. A valid alternative to the car, it was a loyal travelling companion for hundreds of thousands of Italian families, who had the good fortune to ride it for work or pleasure or both. Together with the Vespa, the Lambretta monopolised the Italian scooter market and was able to conquer that position due to its original technical characteristics and its exceptionally modern design. This is now the third edition of the “Innocenti Lambretta” book by Vittorio Tessera, expanded with all-colour photographs reproducing rare advertising of the period, the manufacturer’s brochures and even film posters of the Lambretta, which was the legendary, unforgettable and unquestioned protagonist in its golden years.
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VESPA 70 ANNI Storia, tecnica, modelli dal 1946

Updated edition of the book ‘ Vespa. The complete history from 1946’, published in 2011 to celebrate Vespa’s 65th anniversary. April 1946 was the debut date of the revolutionary little two-wheel vehicle, which, as well as leaving an indelible mark on the history of transport, became a real cultural phenomenon to successive generations. Simple and elegant, practical and comfortable, these are some of the characteristics that have ensured the popular scooter an unrepeatable success, with 35,000 of them built in 1949 alone. Seventy years after its birth, the Vespa has affirmed itself throughout the world. This book covers the fascinating epic of the Vespa, from its debut to the present day, through hundreds of pictures and invaluable documents of its various epochs. The work includes a systematic cataloguing of all the models that have appeared in those 70 years, each one accompanied by a detailed technical specification.


During the early 1930s, a form of motor transport for goods was introduced that was derived from the motorcycle, fitted with three wheels. That’s how the three-wheel van phenomenon began, an economical, practical and untiring vehicle that covered the roads of Italy from the uneasy self-government years to those of extensive economic development. With over 700 illustrations – all of them carefully selected originals from the periods concerned – the vehicles are compared in this book manufacturer by manufacturer, year by year, telling the history of the stylistic and technical evolution of this means of transport. Over one hundred manufacturers are listed all over the Twentieth Century.
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