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Some cars are able to transcend time to become real phenomena of their period. One member of this special category is the Volkswagen Beetle, the ingen...
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Some cars are able to transcend time to become real phenomena of their period. One member of this special category is the Volkswagen Beetle, the ingenious car designed by Ferdinand Porsche during the second half of the 1930s, of which more than 20 million examples were sold. And with the appearance of the New Beetle, the legend was renewed to live on to our days. That is why it seemed almost a duty to update the book on the Beetle that was first published in 1989 and was reprinted many times, recounting the story of this evergreen car from the prototypes right the way through all the successive versions. The book does not omit the various body builders who worked with this car, nor does it turn its back on the technical and commercial history of the New Beetle, which has its own section in the publication. This “phenomenon on four wheels” is illustrated with hundreds of pictures and drawings and is accompanied by an accurate and rigorous text.

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Binding Softbound
Pages 116
Size cm. 24x27
Photos 187 B/N e COL
Publishing Date Nuova edizione 2006
Text Italian
Author Batazzi Marco
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This is the story of the rear-engined Volkswagen Transporter, the Beetle’s faithful road companion of which it was given the mechanics. Created from an ingenious idea sketched out in a diary, the Transporter came into the world at a crucial moment: the years of reconstruction after a disastrous Second World War. People needed everything; the economy had to get going again. So an inexpensive vehicle was needed to help recovery along: Volkswagen’s Transporter was the right answer at the right time. Produced in many different versions, the Bulli, nickname of the first model with divided rear windows was able to meet the needs of shopkeepers, artisans, holiday operators and even large families to become a mobile box. The vehicle’s versatility was proverbial and for years no competitor was able to offer so much personalisation as standard. The rear-engined versions accompanied mankind right through to the late eighties before being replaced by a banal front-engined, front-wheel drive vehicle that was no different from its competitors.
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Even today, to many people the Alfa Romeo Giulia is synonymous with Alfa itself. It was certainly a legendary car and a fundamental one to the brand. It first appeared as the heir to the apparently irreplaceable Giulietta, but it was able to repeat its predecessor’s success, turning the motoring world into turmoil. From comments in the press on the eve of the new car’s presentation in 1962, the word that recurred more than any other was “originality”: a new design that was at first controversial and later loved unreservedly, new technological developments and higher performance. And the Arese factory at which it was built was also new. The Giulia dominated the market until 1977, but even after that it never left the hearts of enthusiasts. The car’s history, the versions, its motor sport career and pictures of an epoch are all between the covers of this book. As is a “small guide” for those who acquire now or are “returning” to this great Alfa Romeo.


The book offers a detailed insight into the company’s story, from the prototype UrSaab in 1947 to the end of production in 2012. It is a fitting tribute to the spirit and ethos of Saab design and engineering. Explains in detail the design and engineering history of Saab’s pioneering work in aerodynamics, form, function and safety. Included stunning visual coverage of the Saab models, with rare archive images and design sketches.


Some cars are able to leave their mark an era, their names written indelibly not only on the history of four-wheel transport, but also the much more significant trends and culture of their time. Among them are the Fiat 500 and the Volkswagen Beetle, but also the unforgettable Mini. The small, revolutionary car designed by Alex Issigonis and presented in 1959, was produced right through to the next millennium by a number of manufacturers (Austin, Morris, Innocenti) in so many different versions. This book tells the industrial, technical and sporting story – including the giant-killing Monte Carlo Rally victories – of this authentic milestone of the 20th century.
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