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This book reflects the Argentine passion for car racing prevailing during the pre-war years and particularly the affinity that some drivers felt for the French make during the twenties. This is the first time in Argentina that a book has been written relating the history which connenced in 1924, when the first Type 30 arrived and continued until the sixties when Bugatti enthusiast devoted themselves to salvaging and restoring the cars. The trend resurged during the nineties with a new group of collectors. Bugatti created over the years a mystique which continues intact until the present day.
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Carlos Yuyo Lepro and his Giulia Sprint GTA, are the main protagonists of this unique narrative. s/n 613642 was one of the first gtas prepared by Autodelta and curiously enough reached Uruguay through Lepro and a group of his friends who assisted him to purchase the car. With the passage of time, both its owner as well as the gta itself became almost legendary. Lepro died at an early age in a road accident, on his way to a Turismo de Carretera race in Argentina, but he left behind him the unforgettable memory of his triumphant win in the 1965 Gran Premio and the 1966 La Mar y Sierras.
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Covers the story of 4 Ferrari 375 cars that came to Argentina in the 50s to race. These are chassis numbers 0358, 0370, 0374 and 0398 AM. Car by car, statistics, high qualità pictures. Limited 400 copies edition book.


This book deals with the relationship between Porsche and Argentina, taking the first attempts of local industrialization as the starting point, which coincide with the birth of the German brand in Europe. Ranging from the Cisitalia Type 360 and the small-sized cars manufactured under Porsche registered patents, to the powerful 917s in the Autódromo de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, the history of our industry and the one of the Stuttgart brand have been running in parallel as of the last sixty years and they coincide in many aspects, thus showing the Argentinean’s passion for these cars.
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This very nice little book is mainly composed of previously unseen pictures of the 1953 Argentina F1 Grand Prix and is the first of the series which should feature the Argentina GP through the time. See how Behra, Trintignant, Farina and Fangio battled for the victory. In the end, Alberto Ascari took the win after almost 3 hours of race. As a populist decision, it was decided not to collect any fee at the entrance of the circuit. Thus thousands of people came to see the race, which created a very unique atmosphere on the circuit, but also led to deadly accidents. Together with the Argentina Grand Prix, the book also covers the Ciudad de Buenos Aires Grand Prix, a race held two weeks after the F1 GP featuring the big names of F1 who could compete against the Argentinian home drivers.

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