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The Fiat Bertone X1 / 9 model is perfectly described in this book. The profile starts from the phase of its construction and production, then through ...
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The Fiat Bertone X1 / 9 model is perfectly described in this book. The profile starts from the phase of its construction and production, then through the history and activities of its Club.

Products specifications
Publishing Date 2018
Text Italian
Binding Softbound
Pages 210
Photos centinaia COL e B/N
Size cm. 21x29
ISBN 9788899731205
Author Accornero Daniele
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LA MASERATI DI BOLOGNA: i luoghi dove è nato il mito del Tridente. Storie fatti aneddoti

Foreword by Alfieri Maserati.


The now classic book series “The Cars that Made History” is enriched with another new title, this time devoted to the Fiat 850 coupé and roadster. Both cars made their debut at the 1965 Geneva Motor Show, where they created a great deal of public interest in their design: the coupé sober and essential, the roadster sporting and elegant, built at Carrozzeria Bertone to a Giorgetto Giugiaro design. The low prices the Turin manufacturer established made these mid-Sixties’ newcomers even more appealing. With a simple but rigorously accurate text and invaluable archive material, this book covers the industrial, technical and sports history of both models, series after series. It also offers a complete guide to restoring the coupé and roadster plus, naturally, a full list of all chassis numbers.
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Bolstered by a long tradition of building typically British two-seater sports cars, in 1962 Triumph added a new roadster model to its well-known range: it was a 1.2-litre car, aimed at a wide public audience from a manufacturer that had given the world the TR2. TR3 and TR4 in years gone by. The mechanics of the new Triumph Spitfire were derived from those of the Herald, while the design of its body was entrusted to Italy’s Giovanni Michelotti. That resulted in a roadster of attractive line, which became a major success on the international market. Over 300,000 examples of the car were produced in five different series. The entire life of the Spitfire is meticulously described in this book, which is rich in technical information, curiosities and data of use to collectors; that includes all the constructional updates carried out on each single series, original equipment, optional accessories, the range of colours plus fundamental advice on how to correctly identify a Triumph Spirfire and restore it. A book to read and consult, which is indispensible to those who possess the car or aspire to doing so.
€28.00 €23.80


All the Fiat 850 spyders, the special bodies included, produced up to the present days through the story of the Bertone coachbuilder and the analysis of the project 850.

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